Kejriwal said Binny was not interested in a ministerial berth.
"Binny came to me last evening. He told me he does not want a ministerial berth and that he was here for a mission. Binny said he has conveyed to the media that he was not upset," said Kejriwal.
Binny, who was widely expected to be made a Cabinet minister after a splendid win in Laxmi Nagar, on his part stated that he was not angry and that there was no rift in the party.

"There is no rift between me and the party. There is nothing that I was angry about after being denied a post in the ministry," he said.
According to reports, senior AAP leaders Sanjay Singh and Kumar Vishwas went to Binny’s residence late last night and held parleys to pacify him.

After the meeting, the two AAP leaders said there was no dissent and it was all created by the media.
“It was our regular meeting and we have been meeting on various occasions and it is one of them,” they said, while attempting to downplay the rift.

Binny said his meeting with Singh and Vishwas was a "routine" one.

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"I am not angry with the party. Sanjay and Kumar came to meet me and they spent some time discussing routine issues," he said.
Denying that he was miffed over not getting a ministerial berth, Binny said, "There is no demand and I do not want any post. I will work wherever and whatever responsibility is given to me."
He said, "Kejriwal is the Chief Minister and it is his prerogative to choose his council of ministers."
Asked if he was offered the post of Parliamentary Secretary as a deal, Binny said, "There is no deal."
Responding to a question on whether his Congress background worked against him, Binny said it is "unfortunate" if this works against somebody becomes almost everybody has come from either the Congress or BJP as AAP is a new party.

Kejriwal had on Tuesday announced his Cabinet, which include the names of Manish Sisodia, Rakhi Birla, Somnath Bharti, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Girish Soni and Satendra Jain.


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