Without taking any name, Prasad also commented that these days "everybody wants to become Prime Minister".

"We are not party to any of this drama. Chief Minister of Delhi is sitting on the road for transfer of a Station House Officer. People are criticizing all this. It has become a joke....This is the national capital,” Lalu said.

"People at other places are laughing at what is happening in Delhi. Being Chief Minister, he could have taken up the matter with the central government under existing mechanisms. There is a different game behind all this," Prasad said.

Apparently hinting at Aam Aadmi Party, he said there are parties and people who keep on targeting Congress and this in turn strengthens other forces.

"It's not that communal forces are very strong. But this is more of a psychological war...I ask those who are targeting Congress, is it a communal party? You do not have strength and you want to weaken the secular force,” he said.

"We are not part of this drama. Our commitment is towards the county, the weaker sections, the minorities... Youths of this country are being misled. There are people who say whatever comes to their mind,” the RJD chief said.

"Who is this Kejriwal? They want to destroy everything. Anybody is abusing anybody. Individual rights do not mean you can go on abusing all and sundry," Prasad said.

Ruing that the issues relevant to people like poverty and unemployment are not being discussed, he said, "Every person wants to become Prime Minister."

He, however, refused to take any particular name.

He said Kejriwal being a Chief Minister has made certain promises which he has to fulfill but instead of doing that he is agitating on the streets. "Five persons will come together and call everyone is a thief."

The RJD supremo said his party was aware of its political responsibility and will discharge it in next Lok Sabha polls.


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