Accompanied by AAP leaders including Manish Sisodia, Kejriwal, who has been in Gujarat for the last two days "inspecting" development in the state, drove to Gandhinagar this morning, wanting to meet Modi.
But the police stopped him some five kms away from the Chief Minister's official residence in the administrative capital and asked the AAP leader to seek an appointment with Modi. Sisodia was then escorted by police to the Chief Minister's office to seek an appointment with Modi whom Kejriwal has said was in "Ambani's pocket". He had also asked him from public meetings as to whether Modi supports the near doubling of natural gas prices from next month, the principal beneficiary of which would be Reliance Industries Ltd.
"Going to seek appointment from Modiji...Met the PS, gave him request for appointment. He says Modiji will decide and we will be informed soon," Sisodia tweeted after going to the CM's office.     

Gandhinagar SP Sharad Singhal said, "Kejriwal's car was not stopped, but they stopped here. I took Sisodia to the Chief Minister's office, where he gave a written request. The response from the Chief Minister's office was that they will give a reply to them in two or three days."
Kejriwal, who later drove to the airport to go to Jaipur, complained that Modi has no time for a common man like him. He has not been answering questions except to make speeches in public.
Earlier in the day, the former Delhi Chief Minister said he has raised 16 questions on development claims on Gujarat and wants to discuss all the issues with Modi. Kejriwal also raked up the gas pricing issue. "Modi should make his point clear on the issue of gas pricing," he said, adding, "Gujarat government has demanded that gas pricing should be USD 16. Earlier, UPA government had given a go ahead to raise price of gas from USD 4 to USD 8".
"People say that you have such close relations with Mukesh Ambani that you have made Ambani family's son-in-law a minister. You made Saurabh Patel a minister. By giving him portfolios like gas, petroleum, energy and minerals, in a way you allocated Gujarat's natural resources to Ambanis," Kejriwal alleged.
Meanwhile, a group of around 150-175 suspected BJP members waved black flags and shouted anti-Kejriwal slogans at the spot where the former Delhi Chief Minister was waiting.


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