Kejriwal said his government had no issues with the media and needed it 'than anyone else'.
Addressing MLAs during two day orientation programme for them, Kejriwal said, "There is a symbiotic relation between the media and legislature and both have to work together. They
are not two sides of the table, instead they are same side of the table.”
"Media needs legislature as it has to keep them responsible for their work. Similarly, legislature needs media as works done by the government come to the people through media. We are blamed that we fight with media...why should we fight with media. We need media more than anyone else. If we fight with media, how will our voice reach out to households," he said
"A major share of the credit for the success achieved by the Aam Aadmi Party goes to media. Had they (media) not brought our voice to the masses, people would not got to know about us .... give votes to us.”, he added.

"Today, media is an important institution of democracy...but within media whether its functioning is democratic or not which is a very serious question," Kejriwal said.
"But, some reporters told us that our editor has sent them to do a negative story against us despite the fact they don't know story. This is not a story instead it is an agenda," he said.



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