As part of the initiative, the city government is moving towards a paperless citizen service which will enable users to access government documents through the Internet.     

“There are 219 forms for different services like birth and death certificates. At present one needs to take a day off and go to a government office, stand in a queue and chances are high that they have to pay bribe to the officer for the service. The entire process takes three days,” Parliamentary Secretary to minister of IT, Adarsh Shastri said.

"So we are in process of identifying various services where with proper authentication and digital signature one can take a printout sitting at home or at office. Therefore, cutting more layers of corruption and bringing efficiency," he added.

Likewise in the transport sector, government is planning to bring smart cards for all modes of transport.

"Delhi has moved to multi-transport system. We have buses, autos, cabs, metro and the process is to integrate it all together and issue single card which can be used to access all transport modes. Through this card one can pay in the metro bus and even pay for the parking and toll taxes," Shastri said.

The city government is following the example of London where one card is used to pay for boat, bus, metro and parking. The move will also help government track the vehicle and improve the safety mechanism in transport sector.

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