Kejriwal said the people in Varanasi have no faith in Modi and they often question that how will a person who comes on a helicopter for only two hours to campaign serve them.

Kejriwal said the BJP is trying every possible trick to win the election in Varanasi but their efforts to communalise the polls here would go in vain as he is confident of a win.

Kejriwal also accused the BJP of stooping down to caste-based politics, bribing the media and violence to ensure their prime ministerial candidate’s win from the holy city.

The former Delhi chief minister also expressed confidence that AAP would win a thumping majority in Varanasi and even went on to say that Modi would lose his deposit from here.

“The Aam Aadmi Party is winning, and winning by a huge margin. Narendra Modi is going to lose,” Kejriwal said while addressing his supporters.

“Modi flew into Banaras for just a couple of hours to campaign and left. What service will he do for the people if he comes to power? That is the sentiment of the people of Varanasi presently. They want to vote for a grounded candidate and bring an end to elitist politics,” he added.

Kejriwal had on Thursday rebuked Modi for politicising Ganga Aarti to gain political mileage and had challenged the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate for an open discussion in Varanasi.


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