The former Delhi Chief Minister also said that the country would go to polls again in the next two years and added that AAP will bag 100 seats.

The political pundits may have put their money on Narendra Modi and BJP but Kejriwal is not ready to buy these predictions. In an interview to a news channel, Kejriwal said, “The nation is going through a ‘wave’ of sorts these days. No party can attain majority in such a scenario. Neither Narendra Modi nor Rahul Gandhi would be able to from government.”

Kejriwal also claimed that there is no Modi wave in the country. The people are upset with Congress-led UPA government, added the AAP leader.

Kejriwal refused to speak much on which party would form government saying that the upcoming regime would be an unstable one and the nation can witness stability of sorts only when elections are held again after two years.

Kejriwal also questioned media’s attitude towards Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. He said that Modi needs to be asked that why he is not coming forward for an interview to media.

The AAP leader also wondered that why media is ‘lacking in guts’ to pose key questions before Modi and Rahul.


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