The BJP also charged him with forming an ‘immoral’ alliance and a government which showed ‘utter disrespect’ to constitutional systems and institutions.     

Must read: Kejriwal resigns; recommends Assembly dissolution, fresh polls

"This was one government which was not having a mandate. It came by deceit. They formed an alliance which was immoral and full of internal contradictions. In their short regime, they displayed anarchy on several occasions and utter disrespect to Constitutional system and institutions," said BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi.
He said that finally when he realized that he was unable to fulfill his commitments made to people, he decided to resign to ‘cover up his failures’.
Criticizing Kejriwal for recommending dissolution of the Assembly while resigning, Trivedi said that he did not enjoy the confidence of the House and thus he cannot recommend so.
"After his government virtually lost the vote of confidence, they recommended that the House be dissolved, which only that government can recommend which enjoys the confidence of the House," he said.
Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) made a stunning debut by winning 28 of 70 assembly seats in Delhi and was given support by Congress to form a government.
He took over as Chief Minister on December 28 with outside support of eight Congress MLAs after the assembly polls in Delhi threw up a hung verdict with no party getting majority.
The Delhi unit of BJP termed the resignation of Kejriwal as a ‘political drama’ orchestrated by Aam Aadmi Party to prepare for Lok Sabha polls in the country.
"This is nothing but a political drama by Aam Aadmi Party. The script was written much earlier. Their intention was never to fight against corruption as they have taken the support of corrupt Congress party," Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel said.
Goel said that the intention of Kejriwal government is to ‘prepare for forthcoming general elections’ in the country and hence they manouvered a ‘political drama’ of resigning on non-passage of Jan Lokpal Bill and thereafter resigned from the government.
"They could have got the Jan Lokpal Bill passed by bringing in strong amendments. BJP was in support of this step. We never wanted to take an unconstitutional step in the Assembly as the LG had opined against it," he said.
Goel charged Kejriwal and his government with not taking action against Congress leaders on allegations of corruption against them.
"Their (Kejriwal's government) intention was not to fight corruption. They had taken no action against their own minister Somnath Bharti. They took no action against Congress leaders in the CWG scam case," Goel said.
The BJP leader also accused the AAP government of not being able to ‘control the law and order’ situation in Delhi and to fulfill their promises of giving better water and power facilities to the common man.
Goel alleged that the Kejriwal government was using public money to further their causes.
The Delhi BJP chief said that the party has called for a working group meet on Saturday morning to discuss the issue.


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