Kaushambi (Ghaziabad): Blaming media and all social institutions for allegedly indulging into corruption, key member of the Team Anna, Arvind Kejriwal, advocated a separate law instead of bringing them under the purview of Janlokpal.

Addressing reporters at Kaushambi-based office of the India Against Corruption on Tuesday, Kejriwal said, “The Press Council of India (PCI) is empowered to warn, admonish or censure a newspaper, news agency, the editor or the journalist to disapprove their conduct, but if the body fails to do so, stringent law can be made in this regard.”

“The Centre wants to bring the Ramlila Committees, institutions conducting sports competitions under the ambit of Janlokpal. The Team Anna is of view that there should be a government aided social institution to keep a tab on the functioning of these institutions,” Kejriwal added. 

He said, “Even Group-C employees are allegedly to be corrupt. For example, a postman allegedly demands commission for delivering money order or passport to villagers.”

As the economically weaker section is mostly affected by corruption, judicial officers should be appointed at the block levels.    

Unless the government gives CBI an autonomous body status at par with the Election Commission, the political parties will continue to misuse the country’s premier probe agency for their vested interests.