"In the past one decade, there has been a 50 percent growth itself and every year there are 25,000 new cancer patients in the state," revealed the study. Incidentally, the only full fledged cancer center in Kerala is the RCC, while the Malabar Cancer Centre in Kannur district is as yet only partially operational.

Eminent cancer specialist VP Gangadharan said the need of the hour is to start more number of oncology centers across the state. "The RCC serves cancer patients from across the state. A new specialized cancer centre has to be set up in Kochi as it would help patients all over the state because it is located in the centre of the state," said Gangadharan.

The study revealed that breast cancer accounted for 11 percent cases in the past three decades, while thyroid cancer came next among women, while among men, lung cancer accounted for 20 percent of cancer patients, followed by stomach cancer cases.

Another medical professional, Sanal Kumar pointed out what the state lacks in is research institutions to tackle increasing incidences of cancer. "We have to set up institutions to meet the needs of cancer patients because research and development are of prime importance.

Also we should have centers where training is given for nurses and medical professionals to treat cancer patients," said Kumar.


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