Those behind the plan include the Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) and the state-run Science and Technology Museum. The highlight of the park is that it will be housed in the bathhouse building of the erstwhile Travancore royal family.

The heritage building and the surroundings, which includes a canal, have all been spruced up.

KSBB chairman V Oommen said that the park will act as a biodiversity information centre for students, researchers and those interested in the topic.

Besides being a visual treat for visitors, the park will educate them about the need for conserving biodiversity, said Oommen.

KSBB secretary KP Laladhas said that the proposed park will have galleries depicting the biodiversity of the state, a 3D theatre, floating bridges, numerous varieties of fish and not to mention the hugely diverse flora and fauna of Kerala.

"You name it, everything that was seen in the state and is now seen would be there at the park. There will be numerous replicas of our topography besides rare species that are present. Extinct species would also be seen in 3D format in the theatre," said Laladhas.

The National Biodiversity Authority has applauded the KSBB's efforts, after Kerala became the only state in the country to set up mandatory biodiversity management committees, besides preparing more than 520 "people's biodiversity registers" that documents the biodiversity at the grassroots level.


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