As reported, the fire started out after the ritual of fireworks, practiced for years to please deity Puttingal, went awry.

Hindu temples in South India are world famous for their rich culture and finest Dravidian architecture. Here, we bring some facts about Puttingal temple:  

*Puttingal Temple is located in the coastal town of Paravur, Kollam, Kerala.

*According to a myth, the temple was erected after goddess Puttingal appeared at an ant hill. 

*The word Puttingal is derived from Malayalam word "Puttu" which is used for ant hill.

*Puttingal temple is famous for Bharani festival which falls in the Malayalam month of Meenam. Bharani festival is celebrated using fireworks.

*Aswathi Vilakku, Kathakali, Kampadikali, and Marameduppu are few of the practices that take place in the temple.

*"Thottampattu", a Malayalam ritual in which a ballad is performed just before the Theyyam ritual, is another important practice of this temple.

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