"Unspeakable violence and acts of terror like the ones committed by Boko Haram last  week in northern Nigeria are horrific, wrong, and have no place in our world,"  quoted Kerry in a statement issued by the State Department.

On February 15th, insurgents killed more than 100 people in an attack in Nigeria's  northeastern state of Borno, a stronghold of militant group Boko Haram.

Days later,  the group launched another attack, killing dozens of people and leaving many others  injured. The people of northern Nigeria deserve to live free from violence and from terror, Kerry said.

"That's why the United States is providing counterterrorism assistance to help  Nigerian authorities develop a comprehensive approach to combat the threat posed by  Boko Haram while protecting civilians and ensuring respect for human rights," the  top US diplomat said.

The US remains a committed partner of the government of Nigeria as it works to root  out Boko Haram and associated groups, Kerry added.


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