"We renew our call for Russia to speak directly with the government of Ukraine, to send troops back to their bases, and to welcome international observers and human rights monitors," Kerry told reporters on Wednesday.
Kerry is currently travelling in France and held meetings with his French and Russian counterparts and leaders of other countries on the unfolding developments in Ukraine.
"We agreed today, both sides, and the Ukrainians also, that we are all better served if this can be resolved through dialogue," he said in response to a question.
"That's important. I think it was a strong indication in the conversations that took place, not just between us but between us and our capitals, that everybody is taking seriously the effort to try to find a way forward, but a way forward that satisfies the needs, that protects the integrity and the sovereignty of the state of Ukraine, and one that obviously charts a path forward that has respect for the people of Ukraine and the direction that they have chosen to move in," he said.

"We agreed to continue intense discussions in the coming days with Russia, with the Ukrainians, in order to see how we can help normalize the situation, stabilize it, and overcome the crisis," he said.
"And those intentions are intentions that are shared exactly as I have described them between Russia, the United States, the European countries, and Ukrainians who were here," said the Secretary of State.

Kerry said he told his Russian counterpart that his country has made a wrong choice with regard to Ukraine.

"Russia made a choice, and we have clearly stated that we believe it is the wrong choice, that is, the choice to move troops into Crimea," he said.
"Russia can now choose to deescalate this situation, and we are committed to working with Russia and together with our friends and allies in an effort to provide a way for this entire situation to find the road to de-escalation," he said.

United States is ready to work with all parties to make that happen and to make it happen as soon as possible, he added.


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