Ahemdabad: Continuing his tirade against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, dissident BJP leader Keshubhai Patel on Tuesday made an appeal to the party workers not to back Modi for another term as Chief Minister in the upcoming Assembly polls.

"I appeal to all the workers not to repeat him as the candidate for the post of Chief Minister," Patel said in his latest blog.

Keshubhai has earlier indicated to form a new political front against Modi ahead of the Assembly polls slated for the year-end, as he has not renewed his party membership.

"I am being asked to retain the active membership of BJP (by the party), but I would like to ask, does BJP really exist in Gujarat or is it a one-man show?," Patel asked.

"Is there a family atmosphere in Gujarat BJP? Party workers are being treated like bonded labourers. Party workers were not remembered during the four and half years and some of them were asked to leave his (Modi) office," Patel further said.

"The rulers maintained distance with party workers, but they maintained a good relationship with industrialists. But now, when the election has come near, they have started remembering party workers once again. Till now, he has adopted the policy of not repeating any BJP workers for one post," the BJP dissident added.

Since the past few months, Patel has been targeting Modi saying the situation in Gujarat has become "worse than it was during the emergency".

Patel, who has openly criticised Modi at various public meetings, recently met senior BJP leaders in Delhi.

Patel was unceremoniously removed from the Chief Minister's post in 2001, who was replaced by Modi.


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