Birmingham: Former skipper Kevin Pietersen is not satisfied with England's number one Test rankings and said he wants his team to have more killer instinct and become the most intimidating side in world.

Leading 2-0, England thrashed India by an innings and 242 runs in the third Test at Edgbaston to become the number one side in the world but Pietersen said the hosts should not rest on their leurels and strive to achieve more.

"I think when the great Australian and West Indian teams played for years and years they killed opposition," Pietersen said.

"I played against that Australian team in 2006 in Australia and they cleaned us out every day of that series and it affects you.

"I promise you now that every day's play of those Test matches you weren't looking forward to it because you knew you were going to get dealt with.

"That's what I hope we can do to opposition, but it's going to be tough. We need to concentrate on doing what we do because what we have is very special, so there is no way we're going to rest on our laurels," he added.

Pietersen feels England will be now be feared by other teams after their domination of India, the erstwhile number one side.

"Potentially, other sides will fear us now. You look at that engine room, from Matty Prior down to No.10, those guys there can score 150 runs and take the game away from you – we've seen it a couple of times already in this series," he said.

"When you see a guy like Ian Bell coming in at five, if it is a good wicket, you know he's going to get a hundred against you and that is very intimidating for teams to see."

The South African-born English cricketer said their next target is to humiliate India by inflicting a whitewash.

"When you look all down our team it is not nice for the opposition. The whitewash is now a target and a huge target because I played against Australia when we did get hammered and it's a horrible place to be. So if we can inflict a similar defeat on India it would be amazing for us," Pietersen said.

"I love playing in this team. As I said after winning the World T20 last year, I was fortunate enough to have a good start to my career and score plenty of runs and get a lot of personal accolades.

"But when you stand on a podium and lift a World Cup there's no better feeling. It's a team game. We got that feeling in the Ashes and we're going to have that at The Oval next week," he said.