New Delhi: The ill effects of the slowing pace of the Indian economy on the backdrop of rising inflation and global economic crisis hovering over the international and domestic markets, have now engulfed the industries too. The falling production of coal, natural gas and fertilizer has restricted the progressive pace of the core industries in the country.

The growth rate of the top six key industries in India recorded at just 2.3 percent has showcased a downward trend in the current fiscal.

According to the governmental records, the basic infrastructural industries have witnessed a steep fall in the last two months. The growth rate of the major six industries was 3.3 percent in September 2010 which was 5.6 percent in the first half of the year.

Coal has been the worst sufferer among the major industries as coal production has fallen by 17.8 percent since last year giving a big blow to various power industries. The coal production in the first half has been recorded at 4.8 percent below zero as compared to 0.2 percent in the last year.
The natural gas production has also seen a steep fall in September 2011. The production which has risen by 12.6 percent in September 2010 fell drastically to 6.4 percent below zero in September 2011.

The first half of yearly production also fell from 25.2 percent of last year to 8.5 percent below zero in 2011.

The growth rate of fertilizers has also shown a negative trend in September 2011 as it has fallen from 0.3 recorded last year to 2.1 percent below zero in 2011.

However, the production saw a positive trend in the first half with an improvement of 0.6 percent from 2.3 percent below zero recorded in the first half of the last fiscal.