Mumbai: Known for its shacks selling delectable street food, the famous Khau Galli of Zaveri Bazaar wears a deserted look. The once crowded lane bustling with people goring on delectable fares is still reeling under the terror strikes which hit the city on July 13. The regular sights and sounds has become a thing of the past.

The shops of Panchratna jalebiwala of Opera House, NathulalGopilal Kachauri and Bhajia of Zaveri Bazaar are few of the shops which have sustained themselves and are still known for their food items which cannot be resisted but there are many such shops in the Khau Galli which would never see the light of the day again. 

The khau galli was famous for special food items made keeping the Gujarati and Marwadi traders in mind which throng the market. These special items were not only like by the traders but also by tourists visiting the city.

But post blasts, many such shops have been closed. The only thing found are the posters, which say ‘The shops are under the surveillance of CCTVs.’

After the Mumbai blasts which has claimed 26 lives so far, the police by showing some kind of prudence have barred the parking of two wheelers and four wheelers in these areas following which the public is also getting a great deal of relief.

Due to limited options available in the galli for having snacks, the 108-year-old Nathulal Gopilal Kachauri and Bhajia shop and Kamleshwari Masala Milk shop are doing double business.

The blasts might have reduced the congestion in Khau Galli giving relief to the public but it has also spelled doom for the restaurant and food stall owners of the galli.

(JPN/ Bureau)