In her first public statement, Sangeeta said that she decided to come to US hoping to work for a few years to support her family.

"I never thought that things would get so bad here, that I would work so much and that I will have no time to sleep or eat," she said in a statement released by the anti-trafficking group Safe Horizon, which is representing her in the case against Khobragade.
Sangeeta said that she had tried to return to India because of the treatment meted out to her while she was working for Khobragade. “I would like to tell other domestic workers who are suffering as I did - you have rights and do not let anyone exploit you," Sangeeta said.
Safe Horizon welcomed the indictment, saying it ‘demonstrates the seriousness with which the US government treats labor exploitation’.
"I hope that this case sends a clear message to diplomats and consular officials that US will not tolerate the exploitation of workers and marks the beginning of an increase in prosecution of these cases," said Avaloy Lanning, senior director of the organization’s anti-trafficking programme.


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