New Delhi (JPN): H E Dr Tamerlan Karayev, Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in India spoke about a new project of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, which is titled “Discovering of Azerbaijan”, among University and High school students of India.

This program will strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two nations, he said. The project includes number of contests dedicated to several aspects of history, culture and social life of contemporary Azerbaijan. The winners of the contests will be awarded with costly prizes and with a free trip to Azerbaijan.        

The first contest is titled “Khojaly- lesson for future”. In this contest, students of Indian schools and colleges can write essays on this topic and win attractive cash prizes. Why it was decided to start this project with this subject is because genocide in Khojaly town has remarkable importance for each Azerbaijani and has become significant milestone in the contemporary history of their country.

Massacre in Khojaly plays a similar role in Azerbaijani history as Jallianwala Bagh massacre on April 13, 1919 in the history of India. This tragic event in Khojaly impacted significantly on formation of Azerbaijani national consciousness and consolidated nation.

Khojaly and Jallianwala Bagh massacres teach all of us that such atrocities never ever have to be repeated anymore anywhere.

Dr.Tamerlan Karayev called on all students of Universities and High schools of India to take part in the contest. The details of this contest can be found at www.

Highlighting the many similarities in culture, traditions and customs of the two nations and countries, Dr.Tamerlan Karayev cited many historical examples. The Azerbaijani-Indian cultural contacts date back to many centuries. In XVII century fire worshipers from Northern India founded “Atashgakh” temple near Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan.

The spouse of Mogul Emperor Humayun, Begum Hamida Banu in 1573 invited the outstanding architect Agha Mirak Mirza Giyasi from Tabriz, the ancient capital of Azerbaijan, to Delhi to build a tomb (Humayun Tomb) to commemorate her beloved husband.

Dr.Tamerlan Karayev expressed his deep gratitude to Athena Ventures, without its support and help the organization of the contest would be impossible.