Slamming Modi for his handling of the riots, Khurshid said he did not find any other word to express his anguish better and asked the Gujarat Chief Minister to admit the ‘truth’.

"I am not his doctor. I cannot physically examine him. So, I have no business to be saying what his physical condition is. The word impotent is used in political vocabulary to show that somebody is incapable of doing something," he said.

Khurshid said the Gujarat Chief Minister must admit the ‘truth’ and clarify either he was behind the riots or was not in a position to stop them.

"Either you admit you are strong and fully capable and what had happened was done deliberately or say that I made lot of efforts but did not have the capability to stop the riots,” said Khurshid.

“If there is no capability (to deal with) what is it called? Is it not called impotency? If it is called impotency and I said that then what is the problem,” he added.

Rebutting BJP's criticism for his comments, Khurshid said if leaders of the saffron outfit do not understand the vocabulary then he can send a dictionary to them.

“If you can suggest any other word then I will use that,” he said.

Earlier in the day, the BJP hit back at Khurshid for the derogatory word used by him to describe Modi and asked him to apologise for his ‘regrettable’ and ‘shameful’ comment.

BJP leaders said the ruling Congress party and its leaders have ‘forgotten manners and etiquettes’ and asked if Sonia Gandhi approved of this comment.

Addressing a rally in Farrukhabad earlier on Tuesday, Khurshid described Modi as ‘impotent’.

Without taking Modi’s name, the Farrukhabad MP asked why a man who aspires to be the country’s Prime Minister could not do anything during the 2002 riots.


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