Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Rajnath Singh is very optimistic about a change in Uttar Pradesh. Also he is hopeful for BJP’s comeback in the state.

According to him, the BSP will take such an exit that it would never try to come back to power. Even after facing flak from the BSP and SP over the induction of former BSP minister Babu Singh Khushwaha into the party, Rajnath Singh feels that Khushwaha factor would not cause any damage in the upcoming Assembly elections.


What prospects are you seeing in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections?

We will surely win with a huge margin.

Don’t you think your expectations are too high?

BJP is the only option left for the public as they have already witnessed the mismanagement of both the SP and the BSP over the years. Both the parties have continuously extended their support to the Centre and robbed people. It is only the BJP which has stood up to its words.

People while casting their vote will keep Khushwaha factor in mind.

Leave the Khushwaha chapter. It is closed now.

Was taking Khushwaha into the party-folds a wise decision?

I already said that the Khushwaha chapter is closed now. There is no point doing any research on a closed factor.

What was the need of inducting Khushwaha?

I do not want to comment on this.

The BJP has always maintained that all the decisions are collectively taken by the party. Was inducting Khushwaha a collective decision or individual?

There is no point digging into a closed chapter.

Significantly, when you target the Congress and the BSP on corruption issue, you will also have to face questions on Khushwaha?

Khushwaha has himself written that he won’t join the BJP until and unless the charges against him are proved wrong. After that there is no point talking about him.

The BJP calls itself a party with a difference which gives utmost importance to the principles. But has there been any change in its thinking or ideology?

The BJP is the same and will remain unchanged.

But in a bid to achieve victory, is it correct to embrace tainted minister?

No it is not like that.

Badshah Singh, Avdesh Verma, Dadan Mishra are those against whom the saffron party trained guns for five years and accused them of being tainted. But when they were thrown out of the BSP, your party easily welcomed them.

The ministers were not tainted. No corruption cases were registered against them.

BJP’s induction of tainted ministers sends a clear message that in case it fails to get majority, the party will easily support the BSP.

Congress is responsible for all the rumors. The BJP can never go along with the BSP. In reality, the Congress and the BSP can easily join hands.

Kalraj Mishra’s rallies are echoing with slogans, “Kal kaa raaj, Kalraj.” What do you have to say?

Kalrajji is a senior leader of the BJP. Only the BJP central parliamentary committee can decide who will be the next CM.

How much damage will the ‘Kalyan factor’ cause in UP?

No factor can harm us in UP. We are all prepared for the battle of ballots in UP.

(JPN/ Bureau)