London: A quarter of children aged between five to 16 years do nothing to help their parents around the house, a survey has revealed. For those who do pitch in with the chores, in one in five cases this means simply tidying their bedroom.

The study also found that while parents typically spent four hours a week doing housework when they were young, their children couldn't manage even half that amount.

The study by Vileda, a cleaning products firm also found that kids today are more likely to be rewarded for helping out around the house, with 62 per cent receiving cash, sweets or extra time playing outside with friends.

Not only that, but they are also paid more for helping out with chores, receiving an average of 4.21 pounds a week, compared to their parents' 3.60 pounds.

"Parents often come out with the phrase 'kids today have it so easy' and it seems that really is the case," a daily quoted Lindsey Taylor of Vileda as saying.

"Not only are children spending less time helping out with chores than they did three or four decades ago, but a vast number of youngsters do not have anything at all to do to help their busy parents."

"Even simple daily tasks such as making their beds when they get up or packing away their toys after they have finished playing with them are left to their busy parents nowadays.

"But helping out with the cleaning can be a great way of teaching your children about responsibilities. It's also a great way of helping them to understand that you need to earn your money by rewarding them with pocket money for doing their share of the housework," she added.


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