Through the app children can tune into narrations of popular children's verses in Bengali, penned by legendary writer Upendra kishore Ray Chowdhury.Ray Chowdhury, the grandfather of filmmaker Satyajit Ray - a legend in his own right - left a legacy of children's writing through works like "Gupi Gyne Bagha Byne" and "Tuntunir Boi".

"Gupi Gyne..." was later adapted to the screen by Ray."Tuntunir Boi" (Tales of the Common Tailorbird) has enthralled children for decades with their witty lines that combine entertainment and education. Now, eight of these verses have been adapted to audio formats for iPhones by Srikanto Acharya Productions.

The app is titled 'Tuntunir story told by Srikanto Acharya' and the stories are read by Bengali singer-songwriter Srikanto Acharya.

"The storytelling is accentuated with background music and other supporting tunes. The narrator has modulated his voice according to various characters. We hope that children will enjoy these and adults will too because of the nostalgia factor," Arna Seal, in charge of the creative aspect, said.

The app is available on iOS platform and will later be made available for android users.

"We have also added a section on Upendrakishore Ray Chowdhury for enthusiasts and some illustrations based on his style of sketching," Seal said.