Abohar: The Punjab Police may have dealt with many crime intricacies, but this could prove a jigsaw puzzle for them as a seven-year-old boy wants to bring to book the man who killed him in his past life. The police are gathering pieces to prove his death.

Avatar Singh, resident of Leelanwala village of Hanumangarh district, Rajasthan, told the police that his previous birth took place at Rajanwali village in Abohar city. His name was Fakir Chand Subhash in his past life and he was murdered on August 15, 2004 for monetary cause.

According to Avatar, he was born in Rajasthan and gradually started recalling everything about his past life. He also identifies his parents and relatives of previous birth. Now he wants to take action against the killers.

SSP Koustubh Sharma said, “The police will take action in consonance with law. If the victim lodges complaint in black and white, the police will be in action and investigate the incident.”

According to sources, Avatar recognizes parents and relatives of his past life, but he does not have any idea about his friends and other villagers.


JPN/ Bureau