"Killing of one innocent person means killing the whole humanity," Madani said at a press conference at the Constitution Club here. Quoting the Quran, he added, "There is no justification for killing innocents in Islam."

"There are no ifs and buts," Madani cited. The Jamiat Ulema-I-Hind leader said the IS had misused the Quran to spread hate and violence in the world. "They (IS) claim they are waging a jihad and represent the real face of Islam. It is also a matter  of grave concern for us that some elements associate these mindless acts of violence with Muslims and Islam," he said.

"Waging jihad is a positive act intended to root out evil from society. Killing of innocent people can never be regarded as an act of jihad at all," Madani added. He cited terror attacks caused maximum harm to the Muslims. He also said that no other country in the world was better than India for the Muslims to live in.

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