Seoul: The people of North Korea's capital have received a special gift from recently deceased leader Kim Jong Il: loads and loads of fish.
North Korea's state-run media reported that Kim was concerned about the supply of fish in Pyongyang, and had looked into the matter the day before he died. North Korea announced on Monday that he died of a massive heart attack on December 17.
A Korean Central News Agency report said Kim's young son and heir, Kim Jong Un, "took all necessary measures to truck fresh fish to the capital city in time and supply the fish to the citizens, even in the mourning period."
North Korea is in official mourning until after Kim's funeral from December 28-29.
Hunger and malnutrition are major problems for North Korea's mostly impoverished population, with the United Nations warning that rations are inadequate and the US considering sending food aid. Kim's government has long made military spending a priority under the policy of "songun," or military first.
Official media on Saturday were filled with reports of the fish made available by Kim Jong Il. The Rodong Sinmun, North Korea's main newspaper, on Friday showed a photo of a woman covering her mouth in sadness and gratitude as she watched loads of herring and walleye pollack being distributed at a crowded grocery store, where they were piled up in baskets.

The paper added in an editorial that the country will uphold Kim Jong Un as "supreme commander" with vows made in "blood and tears" before Kim Jong Il.