Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian will move to the big screen for a role in Tyler Perry's upcoming film, 'The Marriage Counselor'.

The film is adapted from Perry's 10th play, which began touring in 2008. The story centers around a married couple, an accountant and an Ivy League-educated marriage counselor, whose relationship begins to fall apart after his displaced parents move in, according to reporter.

The marriage counselor, Judith, stops practicing what she preaches when she rekindles a relationship with an old college flame. Kardashian, 30, will play Judith's co-worker in the film.

The production on Perry's film will begin in late October.

This role will be one of the biggest for Kardashian, who is most well-known for her reality show, 'Keeping Up with Kardashians'.

Her past feature film roles include 'Deep in the Valley' and 'Disaster Movie'.