The state-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) said that the last King of Nepal had not paid electricity bill of Nagarjun Palace, his private property for ten years and six months. The bill comes around Rs 7 million equivalent to USD 70,000 including late fines. Gyanendra, who vacated the Narayan Hiti Royal Palace here in 2008, has been living in Nagarjuna Palace, a royal property situated 10 km north of Kathmandu.
He had not been paying the electricity dues for the Nagarjuna Palace which he had been occupying since he left the Narayan Hiti royal palace, for ten years and seven months. According to assistant director of NEA Mukunda Man Chitrakar, the staff at Nagarjuna Palace had refused to accept any letter sent by NEA raising the issue of unpaid electricity dues.
After the staff refused to receive NEA's letters, the electricity authority knocked the doors of Nirmal Niwas, another residence of Gyanendra in Kathmandu, where he used to live until the mysterious royal massacre in Nepal in 2001.
Sagar Raj Timilsina, Gyanendra's personal secretary told the NEA officials that the liability comes under the Prime Minister's Office and not the Nagarjuna Palace.

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