The four-day event, which has been organised by Performers independent (Pi), will provide a forum for artists to express themselves through ‘diverse traditions of performance and interventions’.

“Figuratively, the city of Kolkata today stands between an aspiration for neo liberal future to be a global city, and an imagination which revolts against the idea, along with anxiety about the widespread violence that would ensue,” said a release issued by the organisers.

“Available political discourses represent this moment of flux to make a case in favour of or against development. KIPAF sees this ‘tussle’ as living proof of the politically conscious, represented in their mundane expressions of resistance as the city seeks to live up to another surge of global modernism,”

The performances will be held in various public spaces across the city and in select auditoriums.

KIPAF, which was initiated in 2013, is held from January 23-26 every year.


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