Aligarh: Taking potshots at corrupt leaders, Team Anna members Kiran Bedi and Manish Sisodia on Monday in a meeting organised by the India Against Corruption highlighted the importance of right to voting.

Kiran Bedi asked the youth present at the occasion whether they ever voted for the wrong candidate in past and if so she urged them not to repeat the same mistake and vote for a deserving candidate.

On Bedi’s persuasion many youngsters came forward to the dais and expressed their repentance for voting undeserving candidates to power.

Bedi further added, “In case you feel a particular candidate should not be voted for, you can ask for Register 17 A from the presiding officer at the polling booth and pen down the reasons as to why he should not be voted.”

Team Anna is also trying to make this provision available on EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) rather than on paper.

Along with Kiran Bedi, other members of Team Anna also spoke on the occasion and educated the youngsters on the benefits of selecting the right candidate.