New Delhi: In a veiled attack on Arvind Kejriwal, activist Kiran Bedi on Tuesday said erstwhile Team Anna has become "suspect" in its programme after a few chose the political route and suggested that Anna Hazare step in to provide direction.

Bedi also appeared to take a dig on the series of street agitations by India Against Corruption led by Kejriwal when she asked whether "are we a movement for a cause, which was Jan Lokpal Bill, Right to Reject etc or a mass of agitation-ists?"

Asked whether the dissolving of Team Anna has made corrupt more confident now, Bedi said the pressure "may have lessened".

Her remarks came on Twitter against the backdrop of questions being raised on her stand to focus on Congress in the anti-corruption fight and not target BJP.

"Ever since few have opted for political route the movement has become suspect in its programmes. Anna needs to step in to direct," Bedi said.

Hazare had disbanded Team Anna after the anti-corruption movement decided to take a political plunge earlier this month.

Bedi had skipped a protest organised by IAC on Sunday as she was opposed to targeting BJP while Kejriwal and others were of the opinion that both Congress and BJP should be attacked alleging that both were hand-in-glove on corruption.

Defending her stand not to target BJP, the former IPS officer said when she told IAC about not gheraoing BJP chief Nitin Gadkari's residence, it was "only to keep focus" on the party in power.

"Once we prove that voters punish parties in power be at Centre or state which break their trust wider lesson will go gradually," she said.
She said she values her freedom to make choices most.

"Had I been politically inclined I would have retired as Delhi Police Commissioner," she said terming as "imagination" remarks that she was planning to join BJP for contesting elections.

Bedi is of the view that there should be a "united front against corruption" which includes Hazare and Ramdev and others who are for a strong Lokpal Bill.


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