Despite the Congress sinking in its political wilderness, AAP being tagged with agitationist politics and BJP having heady effect of NaMo chant, the trio is doing all political stunts to hit the bull’s eye.

The proverbial cliché that politics is the art of possible goes rightly as the BJP has inducted Kiran Bedi in electoral fray to get level playing field with Kejriwal as both of them have been crusader against corruption.  

However Bedi joining BJP is accorded as a masterstroke of the saffron party, people and voters term it as a strange bedfellow as she emerged on the cusp of popular Anna’s movement against corruption.

Known for her fiery image and apolitical stand, Bedi in tow with Kejriwal backed Anna’s for Lok Pal and made caustic comments against all political icons, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  
Here are Bedi’s ten tweets that will keep haunting her in future.

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