"When a decision is taken, it should benefit people. People of both regions should hail that decision. But unfortunately, it is felt by all that this decision may not benefit large section of people. So, we wish that the Centre reconsider its decision and keep the state united. They are trying to divide the state expeditiously, but all of us (Seemandhra Congress leaders) are trying to prevent division," he said.
Reddy was speaking at a meeting organized in the West Godavari district of the coastal Andhra region as part of the state government's mass-contact programme called 'Rachabanda'.
However, the Andhra Pradesh CM defended the Congress party over the issue and said that the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the YSR Congress, along with others, should be held responsible for the Centre's decision to divide the state.
"Unfortunately, all parties had given letters, ahead of the Congress, in support of division. I fail to understand what (TDP Chief) Chandrababu Naidu has been saying for the last 100 days (since the CWC decision in favour of division). He says he favoured equal justice to all. Does it mean division or unity? He does not have the ability to stand for the unity of Telugus. He had a big role in division. There should be clarity of thought for someone who has been Chief Minster for nine years. As if the Centre does not know, YSR Congress Party said you can divide it under Article 3 (of the Constitution). Now, they talk of unity. Congress took a decision because all these people agreed," he said.
Speaking in Visakhapatnam earlier, Kiran Reddy said that he would strive hard to keep Andhra Pradesh ‘united’ for the benefit of people of all regions in the state.


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