During his meeting with Rijiju, Tado briefed him about the road communication problems of Tali Assembly Constituency, especially Tali ADC headquarters and Pipsorang circles.
While reiterating the fact that Tali was established in 1957 during NEFA period under Political Officer P N Kaul, Tado emphasized that these critical administrative points have remained unconnected with rest of the state for 57 years.     

He informed Rijiju that lack of road connectivity to Tali has resulted in large scale migration of local population to different towns of the state especially to Itanagar and Naharlagan mainly due to lack of health, education and other basic facilities.

Tado appealed to the Union Minister to take urgent measures to connect the Pipsorang circle and to give priority to the ongoing road from Chetam to Pipsorang under Additional BADP schemes and also the Indo China Border Road from Damin to Lemiking via Pipsorang Circle to facilitate connectivity for the people of this landlocked area.
Tado also apprised Rijiju that Yangte to Tali Road, the lone road connecting the Tali ADC headquarters, which serves as the lifeline for the people of Tali and Pipsorang, requires improvement along with realignment.
Tado mentioned that it is in the greater interests of the socio economic development of Tali that the connectivity issues should be addressed on priority basis which will check migration of populations to other parts of the state.     

Rijiju assured Tado that he would look into the matter, the release said.

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