New Delhi: The social media on Thursday was abuzz with death threats to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi following a tweet by an academic and feminist Madhu Kishwar on micro blogging site.

Kishwar on Thursday reiterated about danger to Modi's life as she tweeted: "I repeat, reliable source of Central government said if Teesta doesn't succeed in getting false FIR agnst Modi, he's in danger of being bumped off."

Reacting to the Kishwar's remark, BJP leader Smriti Irani said, "I think Madhu Kishwar's revelation on threat to Modi's life should be thoroughly looked into. Its a serious matter if true."

On Wednesday, Kishwar took to Twitter saying assassination of Modi is a possibility if Congress fails to get fraud FIR against the Gujarat CM.

Kishwar on Wednesday wrote on Twitter: “Yesterday I met some senior government officers who said Narendra Modi's assassination is a real possibility if Teesta and Congress fail to get fraud FIR against Modi. State government officers have said similar things earlier but I was shocked to hear this from non-Gujarati Central government officers. It is Congress and its NGO allies that are instigating terrorist Jihadis against Modi."

Later, Kishwar deleted her controversial tweet after her remarks went viral on Twitter. “I deleted tweet about likely attack on Modi because well wishers called and sent worried emails saying it has created panic and gone viral.”

Kishwar, a Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), has been a vociferous supporter of Modi. Her controversial tweet sparked a debate on social media including Facebook as many expressed their concern over Modi’s life.

Social activist Teesta Setalvad is mostly known for her anti-Narendra Modi activities,

Here are a few comments from Twitter and Facebook after Kishwar’s tweet:

Gagan Kumar Deka on Facebook: “Modi Ji is main target, second one is D Swamy. They have to be very careful.”

Kaveri ‏@ikaveri: “Modi is apparently a target for assassins….I hope you have followed up on it, reported it….I'm worried for him.”

KTL ‏@K_T_L6h: Intelligence inputs can be taken to resp authority to enhance the security to the person.


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