Mohali: Mohali witnessed not only Manmohan Singh’s cricket diplomacy but also his wife Gurusharan Kaur’s kitchen diplomacy.

Gursharan Kaur hosted a dinner for female members of the Pakistan delegation. As many as 15 lady guests joined the dinner party arranged in Hotel Taj in Chandigarh.

However, the fever of match gripped the dinner party. People were engaged discussing the Pakistan’s innings using Punjabi Jumla. The Punjabi recipes were served to the female VVIPs of India and Pakistan.

Kaur hosted this grand dinner for the Pakistan PM’s wife Fauzia Yusuf Gilani who didn’t make her presence due to last minute change in the programme citing her son’s illness.

Several female MPs including ex-Information and Broadcasting Minister of Pakistan, Sherry Rehman attended the dinner. Planning Commission Deputy Chairman, Montek Singh Ahluwalia’s wife, Ishwar Ahluwalia, was also present in the party.

The Indian side underlined the splendor of the dinner as a diplomatic initiative. Sources said, this is a bid to smoothen the relation between the two countries, which will spell message that relation can be boosted not only by political stroke but also by the flavor of kitchen.

(JPN/ Bureau)