Q:You make headlines for your style choices...

I don’t do it for people to judge me. I am a very stylish person. I like dressing well. I like eating fancy food and my house too is a testimony of that. If I think that my salad is not very fancy, I will go out and get it myself. I will buy my own salad and dressing. I can’t drink tea in the same cup everyday either. I like to have variety and style in everything I do.

Q:You’ve been often accused of throwing tantrums on the sets...

Yes I know, but I am okay with it. I am a moody person; so many people think that I throw tantrums. I like doing things, which are out of the box. I wish I could do something different all the time. I like being a diva and trying new things. I know such rumours come with being a star. Some of those stories are too cute.

Q:Are you happy being single at the moment?

Why do people want me to get married? No, I am in a very happy space. I am not looking forward to getting into a relationship at the moment. I enjoy being a single woman and I don’t think I want to get married, at least for now.

Q:How is your debut direction coming along?

Yes, I am looking to start the venture next year. I have written a script with an Australian writer but the casting is taking a lot of time. Hopefully it should be done soon. As actresses, we are very busy. But sometimes, we also pretend to look busy. But we do get time to pursue our hobbies.

Q:Do you feel you have got your due as an actress?

Earlier I used to feel so. But after I got the kind of roles I am doing in 'Krrish 3', 'Rajjo' or 'Queen', my opinion has changed and I have evolved as a person. I feel my acting graph is going up and I am in a very happy space.

Q:But you had initially rejected 'Krrish 3'.

I had a bad experience when 'Kites' released and I was very hurt by what had happened. Anurag Basu was a close friend and at that time I did not even talk to Hrithik or Rakeshji about it. I felt that if Anurag had chopped my role, he should have told me, so that I could have mentally prepared myself for it. Before reading the script of 'Krrish 3', I rejected the film, considering my past experience. But even then, the Roshans were good to me. I started regretting my decision. But Rakeshji approached me for the film again and this time I said yes right away.

Q:Was it tough playing a mutant?

I had to understand the role right and then had to prepare for it. And of course! the make-up, the look, the costumes and the hair… It was a huge task to maintain the look and also to get into those costumes.

Courtesy: Mid-Day