In recent years, many skyscrapers have been built. Here, we bring a list of 10 newly constructed or under construction skyscrapers that are famous for their  spectacular architecture and height:

1. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Headquarters, UAE: The new headquarters for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is one of the tallest buildings in UAE. Its height is 342-metre.

2. 432 Park Avenue, USA:  432 Park Avenue is located at New York in USA. It is designed by Rafael Viñoly. Its height is 425-metre. It is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.  432 Park Avenue offers 104 luxury residences.

3. Capital Market Authority Tower, Saudi Arabia: Capital Market Authority Tower's height is 385 metres. The 76-storey tower became the tallest building in Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh.

4. Eton Place Dalian Tower 1, China: It is situated at Dalian, Northeast China. Eton Place Dalian Tower 1 has a height of 381-metre.

5. Vostok Tower, Russia: It is located at Moscow in Russia.  Its height is 373-metre.  

6. OKO South Tower, Russia: The height of the skyscraper is 352-metre.  OKO South Tower is one of two faceted skyscrapers connected at the base by a transparent crystalline structure. There is a four-star hotel, offices and apartments in the skyscraper.

7. Forum 66 Tower 2, China: One of the tallest buildings of China, Forum 66 Tower 2 has two buildings and it is caped by 'glowing lanterns'. It is an office complex and its height is 351-metre. The skyscraper is located at Shenyang in Northeast China.

8. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower, UAE: The skyscraper is 342 metres tall. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower is located at Dubai.

9. Shanghai Tower, China,: It is located at Pudong in Shanghai, China. The Skyscraper is designed by Gensler and owned by a consortium of Chinese state-owned companies. The 128 storey Shanghai tower stands approximately 632 metres high.

10. Marina 101, UAE:  Marina 101 is located at Dubai in UAE. Its height is 426.5 metres (1,394-feet).  Marina 101 has 101 floors. The skyscraper houses a hotel, private apartments and restaurants.

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