The green police station is fully eco-friendly. Earlier, the methodology was used in medieval cities like Orcha in Madhya Pradesh and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.   

Prime facets of green police station:

Lights: This police station is equipped by albedo supported by LED lights. Albedo is a natural light enhancing system.     

Electric equipments: Super quality of wiring and electrical sets are installed in the green police station to minimise the effects of radiation.   

Greenery: A total of 400 saplings have been planted to curb radiations in area.

Toilets: The police station has bio-toilet facility.

Furniture: The police station has been equipped with furniture made by bamboo.

Roof: The roof of the police station has coating of fresh lime to enhance albedo (reflection of lights). It also reduces the heat. Today, this methodology is called 'lime plaster'.

Papers, which are used for filing complaints, will be recycled.

Certification: Green police station is certified by DRDO.

Clearly, this unique initiative can be a revolutionary step to make environment eco-friendly. The environmentalists advocated for constructing such buildings in the national capital which is facing a severe threat of pollution.

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