In modern warfare, drones play key role. Armed UAVs can be used for counter-insurgency operations internally as well across the borders; sneak attacks on terrorist hideouts in mountainous terrain. Presently, only few countries like US, UK, Israel, India, Pakistan and China have drones capable of delivering missiles. Here, we bring a list of drones that can be game changer in combating:

N-UCAS: It is an American drone. It reduces the Navy's reliance on short-range manned strike aircraft like the F-18 and the F-35. In January  2011, the DOD of USA developed it.

BAE Taranis: It is a part of the UK's Strategic Unmanned Air Vehicle (Experimental) programme. The Taranis demonstrator will have an MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight) of about 8000 kilograms. It's one of the world's largest UAVs. It was launched in September, 2007. The speciality of this drone is that it has full autonomy. It can able to 'think for itself' for a large part of the mission.

USAF Hunter-Killer: It is a long-range  bombers drone. The United States Air Force has shifted its defence program from medium-range tactical strike aircraft to long-range strategic bombers.

J-UCAS: Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems or J-UCAS is mainly used for the joint venture of US Navy/Air Force. J-UCAS is managed by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It can be armed with precision-guided weapons such as Joint Direct Attack Munition or precision miniature munitions and Small-Diameter Bomb which are used to suppress enemy's air defence.

Sagem Sperwer B : The Sagem Sperwer B is a long endurance tactical UAV capable of surveillance and armed combat. It offers a 100 kg payload and 12 hours of sustained flight. It can be payloaded with weapons such as the Rafael Spike-LR anti-tank missile and the Bonus munition from Nexter/BAE Systems Bofors.

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