1.  Imperial Tower 1, 2 stands in Mumbai. The Imperial is a twin tower. The skyscraper complex is the tallest  building in the country. Inaugurated in 2010, the Imperial Tower's  height is 254 metres and it has 61 floors.

2. Ahuja Towers – It is situated at Tardeo in Mumbai. The height of  Ahuja Towers is 250 metres and it has 53 floors. It was constructed in 2014.

3. Lodha Fiorenza- Newly-built skyscraper, Lodha Fiorenza is situated at Goregaon in Mumbai. Inaugurated in 2015, the building has 62 floors. Its height is 225 metres.

4. World Crest – 
The 57-storey skyscraper is situated at Mumbai. World Crest's hight is 223 metres. It was built in 2014.

5. Lodha Bellissimo A and B– This skyscraper is situated at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai. It was built in 2012. 53- storey building's height is 222 metres.

6. Orchid Enclave 1-    Built in 2013, Orchid Enclave has 52 floors and its height is 210 metres. It is situated at Central Mumbai.

7. Kohinoor Square –  The skyscraper Kohinoor Square is located at Mumbai. Built in 2013, the building has 52 floors and its height is 203 metres.

8. Lodha Primero Mahalaxmi- It was built in 2014. The Skyscraper has 52 floors and its height is 201 metres.

9. Vivarea 1, and Vivarea 2, Vivarea 3 - All three sister skyscrapers were built in 2012. Each Vivarea has 45 floors and their heights are 200 metres. They are situated at Mahalaxmi in Mumbai.

10. Ashok Towers D- It was built in 2009. Ashok Towers D has 49 floors and its height is 193 metres.

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