On the occasion of Diwali, we bring you some of the cities where the festive celebrations are extra-ordinary on this day and you must witness one of these celebrations once in your life.


The sacred and Holy place Amritsar is well known for Golden Temple and so is for its Diwali celebrations. Like the city, the Golden Temple is draped in lights and it is so beautiful to witness Diwali in Amritsar with mesmerizing display of fireworks over the Golden Temple.


Goa is famous for celebrations and apart from Christmas and New Year, Diwali celebrations in Goa are also famous. Apart from gambling, here the celebrations focus on the destruction of demon Narakasura who was killed by Lord Krishna. Competitions are held in every village and city, where people compete to make the biggest and scariest effigy of the demon. These demons are then burned on the day before Diwali.


The pink city draped in lights could be an awesome view for anyone. In Jaipur, it's not only houses and streets, but also the markets are illuminated. Also, every year there is a competition for the best decorated and most brilliantly lit up market which attracts visitors from all over India.


There is no better place than celebrating Diwali in the 'city of lights' Varanasi. The spectacular view of river Ganga from the city's ghats gives an amazing feel on Diwali. The steps on the ghats are illuminated by the lights of thousands of diyas and fireworks over the Ganga river just adds on the mesmerizing view.


The celebrations of Diwali in Kolkata is quite different from other cities as here people celebrates Kali Puja. The devotees worship Goddess Kali on the mid night of Diwali and the whole city is illuminated with candlles, diya and colourful electric bulbs. The view at Kalighat is spectacular and must be experience by everyone.


The city which never sleeps is a true example of how the festival of lights should be celebrated. Apart from the traditions and rituals, the whole city is draped in lights and if you want to witness the brilliant view, just go to the Marine Drive. It gives an awesome view as the fireworks exploding in the sky reflects in the sparking water.


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