Here are some shocking facts about the preserved food you consume daily:

1. Bread and flours: Bromates is mainly used in preserving bread and flour. The ill effects of Bromates may lead to diarrhea and destroy most of the nutrients.

2. Cookies and cakes: Mono and Di-glycerides are commonly used in cookies, bread, roasted nuts, pies, cakes and they may lead to cancer and birth defects.

3. Meat and meat products: Nitrates and nitrites are mostly used in preserving meat. These preservatives are cancerous.

4. Soft drinks: They are known to have high levels of artificial sweeteners like saccharin, nutraweet, aspartame which can alter brain neurochemistry. Also, they have high fructose corn syrup that has mercury. People should avoid its excess use to keep body cells strong.

5. Packed foods and chips: MSG or Monosodium Glutamate is rather used to flavour is known for damaging brain cells and is allowed in packaged foods in a limited quantity. MSG's excess use can cause reactions like nausea, headaches, wheezing, variations in pulse rates etc.

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