Here, we bring you some handy mobile apps which can help you in any untoward situation:

Telltale:  Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd launched Telltale app for emergency use. It can be used in windows phone as well as in smartphone. This app is connected to GPS. In an emergency, it gives an alert to selected contact numbers.

Women’s Security: This app functions even if there is no network. To use this app, you need to save a 45-second voice message in your phone. After saving it on alert mode, it will send message by-default as soon as you come in network area.  

Bsafe: After downloading this app, you will remain in touch with your loved ones. Through GPS, it keeps your well-wishers informed about your location.      

Safetipin: This is one of the most important apps available in phone. If you  have to travel frequently for different purpose, this app will surely help you as it carries data regarding security. It gives you information about  harassment and other crimes.

Police Nearby: It is widely used in sensitive areas. This app  gives you information about nearby police station and help you connect with cops.

Scream Alarm: Some time people turned voiceless, as if they face sudden misfortune, in such cases this app will be very useful. It generates high volume sound for urgent help.

Himmat: Recently launched by Delhi Police, this app gives alert in case of emergency.  

Nirbhaya app: This app was launched by UP Police. It's functional in all major cities including NOIDA.