The investigation agencies' style of functioning are quite different. Here, we list out the key differences between them:

Area of operation:
While the CBI work-area focuses upon pan India, CID carries out its activities in the state alone.

While CID was formed by the British government in 1902, CBI is chiefly a Special Police Establishment which was formed in 1941.

To be a part of CBI, one has to join the police force and then appear for the CGPE exam conducted by SSC; whereas the CID recruits people from police force by clearing a criminology exam.

Both CID and CBI have their divisions, based upon which they carry out their tasks. The divisions of of CID are: Anti-Human Trafficking and Missing Persons Cell, Anti Narcotics Cell, Finger Print Bureau and CB-CID. On the other hand, the divisions of CBI are: Economic Offences Divisions, Special Crimes Division, Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Anti- Corruption Division, Policy and Coordination Division, Directorate of Prosecution and Administration Division.

While the CID is more concerned with the criminal cases like riots and murders, CBI deals with the cases concerning economic and corruption relates issues.

Duties assigned by:
While the state government and sometimes High Court too assign cases to the CID, the CBI is handed over cases by the Central government, Supreme Court and High Court. State governments may recommend CBI probe.


Vasavi Dhir/JPN