Here, we bring list of those Indians whose names have been chosen for planets:

Viswanathan Anand: Many do not know former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand's name is famous not only in sports but also in Space Science. A minor planet between the orbits of planets Mars and Jupiter has been named 'Vishyanand' after him.

Anish Mukherjee: A planet 2000 AH52 was renamed after Anish Mukherjee as '25629 Mukherjee'. He has been honoured for noticing the large scale bottle tampering rampant in India. He conceptualised the idea of autodisposable syringes—which, once used, cannot be used again. Also, his theory has been implemented for one-time use bottle cap.

Debarghya Sarkar:  A minor planet  2000 AT53 has been named after Debarghya Sarkar as '25630 Sarkar' for his contribution to electrical and mechanical engineering. Debarghya Sarkar is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California.  He is working on design, fabrication and integration of devices that modulate photons and electrons.

Hetal Vaishnav: At the very young age, class 10th student Hetal Vaishnav was recognised for her idea to curb 'multilayer film plastic waste'. She also explained how to use multi-layered and metallised plastic used for packaging wafers and chewing tobacco. A planet has been named after her as '25636 Vaishnav' for her contribution to the environment.

Akshat Singhal: A planet, member of series 8749 Beatles, 2001 Einstein and 7000 Curie, has been named after Akshat Singhal. He has been honoured for developing a system to automatically categorise documents. He also found relations between them, using artificial intelligence.

Madhav Pathak: A planet has been named after Madhav Pathak that is ' 12509 Pathak' for his theory to change the conventional Braille slate, making writing easier for the visually impaired. Madhav has modified the Braille slate (used for writing the language for blinds), which lets students easily read and write the language.

Hamsa Padmanabhan: A  B.Sc student of Fergusson College, Hamsa Padmanabhan has been honoured as a planet named after her. A minor planet 21575 has been named 'Hamsa'. She has been honoured for her presentation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Lincoln lab for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fir (ISEF) in 2006.

Sainudeen Pattazhy: A minor planet (5178 No CD4) has been named after Kerala Zoology Professor Sainudeen Pattazhy. He has been honoured  for his environmental research and campaigns, including red rain, health hazard of mobile phone towers, biological control of mosquitoes.

Vishnu Jayaprakash: A minor planet named after Vishnu Jayaprakash that is '25620 Jayaprakash'. He demonstrated a microbial fuel cell that operate by cow dung and inexpensive graphite electrodes. He aimed to reduce power costs for India’s 700,000 villages.

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