Delhi Metro is currently the best public transport available in our country. We all know how cheap and convent this transport is, but do you know some hidden facts about it?

Here, we bring you some amazing facts about the Delhi Metro that will surely surprise you!

1. Have you ever notice that Delhi Metro stations are so clean despite the fact that there are no dustbins apart from the restaurants.

2. The escalators at the stations have a ‘sari guard’ feature which stops saris from getting tangled in the escalators.

3. The female announcer (in English) is voiced by Rini Simon, while the male announcer (in Hindi) is voiced by Shammi Narang.

4. The Delhi Metro is very disabled-friendly. Metro platforms are constructed in such a way that blind people can easily walk on it without any assistance. The yellow tiles with horizontal lines serves as a path for the blind people and leads directly to the lift.

5. The first extra-dossed bridge in India was constructed under the Delhi Metro project. It lies between Pragati Maidan and Indraprastha.

6. Since its operations in 2002, one metro car had travelled 3,03,85,779.55 kms. Roughly put, that car could have gone to the Moon and come back about 40 times.

7. While travelling, the momentary power lapses which cause the lights and AC to go off at certain stations are actually 'power shifts' and not power cuts.

8. Delhi Metro network is expected to cover 295 kms carrying over 4 million daily passengers by 2016.


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