The right hair cut, hair accessories and hair-styling products can enhance how your tresses look, and make it easy for you to maintain them.

Vanessa Fernandes, a senior stylist at popular salon b:blunt, shares how women can style their hair - whether it is long or short.

Girls who like to cut their hair short should stick to the natural look.

“The bob has been there for ages. However, the layered bob is new option. It adds to the volume so it should be worn naturally. It’s best to work with one's natural texture,” said Fernandes.

To add a glamorous appeal to your look, use a bit of leave-in cream or a drop of serum as it gives your hair shine and defines the curls which add glamour appeal.

Those with long locks can try the braided and ponytail look.

“Braids and ponytails on either side or centre work well for the summer. Anything that keeps the hair away from the neck and face works very well and is extremely fuss free,” she said.

To accessorise your long tresses, wear hair bands or flower clips, which are readily available in the markets.