London: A recent article in The New York Times has revealed some negotiating tactics that could help you win an argument with your husband.

The “win” mean win-win for both of the spouses, as the ultimate goal as a couple is peace, love, and understanding.

Firstly, the wife should watch out for transitions, as researchers say that the biggest fights happen when family members are either saying hello or goodbye like when they are trying to get the kids off to school, when they are coming home from work or when they are trying to get the kids off to bed. The worst time is between 6:00 to 8:00 pm, a website reported.

Secondly, the wife should sit at the same level as her husband. If they are both at the same level, they are more likely to deal with each other as equals.

Thirdly, she should get comfy, as people are more flexible during an argument or discussion if they are sitting in soft chairs or sofas than when they are sitting on hard chairs.

Fourthly, she should set a timer. Apparently people make the most important points in their opening statements and after that, they end up just repeating themselves and yelling. If the couple haven’t reached an agreement, call a time-out and take a five-minute break before getting back together again.

Fifthly, a wife should make a gentle physical contact and if you haven’t reached the boiling point, sometimes holding hands or even touching toes can help you feel connected even if you are not seeing eye to eye at the moment.

Sixthly, a wife should not use her husband’s talking time to prep their arguments. She should really stop and hear their partner and should pause after he finishes talking if you need time to think about your response.

Seventhly, she should stop what she is doing, as this is no time to multitask. If she and her husband has something important to discuss, they both need to give it their full attention.


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